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Transform Your Space by Painting Your Doors

Posted by Zahra Alia on

When it comes to DIY + design in your space, paint may be the easiest and most impactful change you can make. I recently painted the interior side of our patio door black and let me tell you, it completely transformed our space! To be honest (and you may feel this way too), I was skeptical to hop on the black door trend but now I'm never looking back, at least for now! 

 black painted door diy

All of this being said, it is still important to select a shade of black that will complement the colours that are already in your space, especially if your house is open concept like ours is. The majority of our home is Simply White by Benjamin Moore and this colour serves as the home's dominant colour. Two of our walls are Heather Gray (the most beautiful gray with sage green undertones) and I wanted to find a soft black that would match both of these colours. 

Grab some paint swatches and test them in your space for a few days. See how they look in the sunlight and in the darkness. I eliminated the very dark blacks because that would be too overwhelming for our space and I was leaning towards a softer and cooler black.

black paint samples

After a few days of humming and hawing, I went with my gut and chose Black Horizon. This colour is so easy on the eyes! It is very pleasing to look at; it isn't too harsh or even too dark. It is the perfect black for our space. It is slightly on the cooler side and provides just enough dramatization and contrast. 

I'm really digging the monochromatic look so I painted the door trim for an elevated look. You definitely don't have to paint the trim if you don't want to. Even painting just the door would make your space pop enough! I would just make sure the surrounding wall and trim colours are the same so there isn't too much colour variation. 

Here are some quick tips on painting your door for a very smooth + clean finish:

  1. Sand down your doors using a sanding block with a minimum of 100-grit and patch up any holes using wood filler or spackling. I used this 100-grit sanding block and I absolutely love DryDex Spackling 
  2. Wipe the dust off your doors using a wet soapy microfibre cloth and let it completely dry before applying your paint. I love these ones for all sorts of cleaning and projects 
  3. Tape the edges for the cleanest finish. I used Frog Tape (the success of any paint job starts with good prep work!)
  4. Use an interior paint made for painting doors in semi-gloss or satin and make sure you do at least 2 coats
  5. Use a lint free foam roller for a smooth finish - I used Bennett 4" foam roller 
  6. Use an angled professional paint brush for cutting in the door trim, hinges, and door frame - I used Bennett Pro Angle Paint Brush for Precision Edging

What are your thoughts? Would you paint a door in your space black or even a darker, moodier colour? I suggest you try, and even if you don't end up loving it, you can always paint it back! You can thank me later because I think you'll end up loving it!

I hope you find a helpful tip or two in this blog post! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you! By the way, this is my first blog post and if you got this far, thank you so much for your support!

Talk to you soon,

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  • great read!

    Jon Diaz on
  • Love this! The soft black and the plant beside the door is just perfect. Can’t wait to see more DIY’s :)

    Alia on
  • I love that you went with a softer black, it looks amazing!!

    Jasmine on
  • I’m painting my door black because of you! Going to try using a foam roller for the door and i’ll let you know how it goes!

    NM on

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